Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Israelites be smokin' the ganj

sherkat, aka Iranianredneck, mines the GSS to examine the relationship between religious affiliation and support for marijuana legalization. Unsurprising: Christians of all stripes were least likely to support legalization, while the majority of the non-affiliated (57%) are in favor. Surprising: Non-Christians in general were nearly as likely as the non-affiliated to support legalization (54%, more or less within statistical noise I would think). Really super surprising: Jews were far and away the most likely to support legalization out of the groups looked at by sherkat, far more even than the non-affiliated -- a whopping 70%!

Weird. Though I'm sure my wife will get a kick out of it.

(Edit: Suddenly Matisyahu makes so much more sense to me...)

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