Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Christian group actually sues for right to burn a book


"They've filed a lawsuit which has little possibility of going forward legally, and they're asking for damages which include the right to burn a book. "

Uh, yeah.  Wow.

The book in question is aimed at young adults, and is about a young gay teen who gets beat up by a homophobic gang and how he deals with this.  Because, you know, helping teens to deal with real-life challenges is just awful.  As my wife is fond of saying, "I wonder how it feels to be on the wrong side of history."  I can't even imagine...

Via Pharyngula.


  1. James: I have always enjoyed your comments, both on Pharyngula and Respectful Insolence. Followed over for your post on the meeting...which isn't up yet (I'm up early because I work early). Read your recipe...darn it now I have to mark your blog as a favorite because it sounds wonderful and I am going to try it. Thanks!!!

    Dawn (post as MI Dawn on Orac's antivax posts to prevent confusion with crazy Dawn)

  2. Thanks Dawn! I actually really intended for this to be mostly a cooking blog, but I couldn't really pass up talking about this vaccine meeting.

    Let me know if the chicken thing works out for you. I only made it once and the proportions might be way off :)