Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I win an argument with Dan Cooper!

I won't bore anyone with the details, but I just totally whupped Dan Cooper (yes, that Dan Cooper) in an argument on Google+. After I said that he had earlier indicated there was no gender discrepancy in earnings, Cooper said:

Prove to me that I said what you say I said.

A fair request. I obliged, in detail, although I did have to admit he only implied the salary gap was a thing of the past, rather than stating it explicitly. I must have really hit the mark, though, because his sole reply was:

You're totally castrated. Very sad. And you think men run things? You are ruled by women.

Awesome. Not even a "you're wrong" or "I didn't imply anything" or even an "I don't have time for this." I prove he contradicted himself, and he responds by saying I have no dick. Never have I won an intertubes debate in such spectacular fashion. Full of win!


  1. A word better than epic is needed for this.

  2. If he doesn't admit he was wrong, then he wasn't wrong. Sorry.

  3. I didn't admit I was wrong either. You mean... we're both right? Woah, this must be some spooky quantum mechanics thing...

  4. "I won't bore anyone with the details"

    Are you smacked-out? Those details is awesome! Bore us, please! (Followed from your link on B&W.)

    I'm new to Google+, so I have no idea whether or not Danny saw my addition to your conversation as he ferociously ran away, but that was very well done.

    I'd like to see that interaction get more exposure. Have you posted this to Pharyngula or Pharyngula′?

    I know people like Dan Cooper are beyond shaming, but that doesn't detract from the joy in seeing their humiliation spread far and wide.

  5. Heh, thanks. When I wrote this post, I wasn't sure if the Google+ link would work for people who aren't on it, but it sort of looks like it does. I'll linkify it in the post.

    No, I haven't posted it to either Pharyngula. I'd be happy to have this get more exposure, but I'm not great at getting the attention of the major bloggers :)

  6. So ... Dan Cooper *is* a dick.