Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Then this happened...

That would be the olecranon process of my proximal ulna. Having surgery on Monday. D'oh.


  1. hello. i have the same fracture. how is it going, what kind of positioning was used. Im only 2 weeks after surgery and intrested do your hand have 100% recovery like it was before. does the fixtures obstruct to do everyday tasks.
    Can you now perform some exercises on horizontal bar for instance? Thanks in advance. Andrey form Latvia.

  2. Well, the good news is that I get all of the flexion back in my elbow, most (but not all) of the extension, and I don't have any troubles whatsoever with everyday tasks. I never had any problems with my hand -- my grip was a little weak following the surgery just from disuse, but I never had any mobility issues with it and was able to fully rotate my wrist the same day the splint came off. So I've been really lucky in that regard.

    The bad news is that the bone is healing REALLY slowly for some reason, which means I still have some pain if I try to apply a lot of pushing force. I can lift at almost the same strength I had before, but very forceful pushing is a problem.

    It's a really bad place to have a break, as even just a pretty minor fracture just never wants to heal quite right. Sorry to hear about your injury. Best of luck to you.