Friday, February 25, 2011

2010 GSS first to show more Americans in favor of same-sex marriage than opposed

The 2010 edition of the General Social Survey shows for the first time more Americans supporting same-sex marriage (46%) than opposing it (40%). Not that majority rule ought to determine who gets civil rights anyway, but can we finally look forward to an end to all those faux-democratic arguments against same-sex marriage? Can we stop hearing about the myth of "activist judges"?

(h/t to Sherkat)


  1. "Can we stop hearing about the myth of "activist judges"?"

    No, I'm afraid not yet. Even with some state legislatures passing same-sex marriage laws, it's not enough to stop the argument of "anywhere the public has had a vote they've voted it down." Only when a couple states have referenda favoring it will we begin to shut those folks up.

  2. What I think is really cool is the growth of the secular population. I'll have a post on that sometime soon as I update stuff for my book. But, no matter how you define it (non-theism, rejecting the divine authority of the Bible, or non-identification), over 20% of Americans are now secular. 23% reject belief in a god, and the same total think the Bible is bunk. We can't be ignored as a radical elite when we outnumber most other interest groups.