Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Death and coffee

This is the first time I've used our coffee maker at home in quite some time -- it got moved into the basement when we were renovating our kitchen, and we didn't move it right back up when we were done because my wife couldn't drink much coffee when she was pregnant. I'm working from home today, so I fired it up.

I remember, when Nicole (my friend who died in December) would come to visit us, she would use way too many coffee beans and grind them way too fine, which would cause the water to back up in the filter and spill all over the counter, making a huge mess. It drove my wife absolutely bonkers, but Nicole didn't want to do it any differently because "I do this with my coffee maker and there is no problem!"

Seems petty in retrospect, but of course that's in retrospect. It would be nice if we could interact with our loved ones every day as if it might be the last time we would see them, but in practice it just doesn't work like that. I think we could all use a little more perspective, but too much perspective is crippling.

Just some random thoughts. I've been experiencing a lot of existential angst lately (nothing like the sudden passing of a close friend and the birth of your second child coming within six weeks of each other to make you think about life and death, eh?!) and I've been thinking of doing a post about it, but haven't quite collected my thoughts.


  1. My desktop coffee maker is the exact model Nicole had. I haven't tested this, but the basket looks like it could almost hold a whole tank of water. I can see how that "feature" caused problems on other equipment!

    (It's a five-cup model; ten cups is a wee bit much to start the day.)

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