Friday, March 16, 2012

The evil feminist plot against Scrabble

In case you've been living under a rock, Words with Friends is a wildly popular online Scrabble clone that is tied into Facebook. I was playing last night, and I could have turned a 31 point play into a 64 point play if only "ZE" was a word. Despite the fact that I once had all the 2-letter words memorized, it took me a while to convince myself it wasn't a word, since I see that very word used frequently by a few bloggers at FtB (e.g. Crommunist, Natalie, etc.) as the subject form of the gendered-neutral personal pronoun.

The past decade has seen a number of two-letter words added to the Scrabble lexicon, including QI, ZA, etc. Some have complained that this makes Scrabble dangerously close to becoming unbalanced, as some of the more difficult letters can now be dumped more easily.

Surely, adding ZE and HIR would be the beginning of the end for Scrabble. So my question is: Feminists, why do you hate Scrabble?


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