Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Into the Lion's Den...

Tonight my wife would like me to go to a talk about vaccines given by a local chiropractor, and organized by, eh, well, practitioners of "alternative medicine", so you can guess that it will probably not be particularly pro-vaccine.

There is a close association between the nontheist community and the skeptic community in general, and let me tell you, any skeptical person should be incensed at the anti-vaccination movement.  They are spreading dangerous -- sometimes fatal -- misinformation, sometimes even outright lies.  Many worried parents are being taken in by this, and it's causing a drop in vaccination rates that, let me be perfectly explicit here, will result in dead babies.  I hope I'm not being overly melodramatic; this is just the reality of the situation.

Anyway, she wants me to come so I can correct any misinformation that surfaces.  I'm certainly no expert, I'm just a guy with a degree from the University of Google who is a little bit better at telling the bullshit from the non-bullshit than your average Oprah-watcher.  I also have trouble watching my temper when I talk about the anti-vax movement, because it's ultimately a selfish and inhumane position.  So we'll see...  It may be disastrous!

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