Friday, January 7, 2011

Take lots of pictures of yourself, just in case you die young

I've been going through all of the remaining online photo albums that belonged to my deceased friend, as we're putting together a memorial slideshow for this Sunday. Of course, since she took the pictures, she's hardly in any of them!

So the lesson is: If you think you might die a tragic untimely death, make sure to take lots of pictures of yourself. heh...


  1. When I go back through my old photos the places don't matter but the people in the photos do. I still want to take pictures of things but I remind myself that when I look at the pictures later I'll wish I taken pictures of people.

  2. Hey... you don't know me but I was the pregnant crying girl that spoke today at the service. Is there any way I could message you privately? Don't see a link to do that on the blog.


  3. Nella, yes, absolutely. Probably the easiest way without me having to publish my e-mail address here is if you message me on Facebook. I'm not active on Facebook, but if you private message me your e-mail address, it will go to my e-mail. I am glad you contacted me :)

  4. an example and warning of the fate of those who try to divide people....

    At least we're on the same page...

    Serves Em Right, eh, Randi....