Thursday, April 22, 2010

If you are over 50 and/or don't play video games, you are not qualified to talk about video games

Two otherwise very smart and insightful old geezers, Ebert and PZ, have decided to sound off on a topic on which they are completely and totally ignorant. It's especially galling coming from PZ, because he's always talking about how it's delusional when layman think they understand evolution better than evolutionary biologists, yet he thinks he understands video games better than people who actually play them.

I have no desire to take apart the argument point for point, because who would listen to either of these guys on this topic??? You might as well ask a dentist what he thinks about educational standards. Oh wait...

In a nutshell: Not all video games strive to be art, but some do and some achieve it. This is true both visually, and within the medium itself. If a piece of media makes you feel something in a deep way, how is that not art?

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