Wednesday, April 14, 2010

On the "Arrest the Pope!" thing...

Just a very brief comment on this: I agree in part with those naysayers who maintain that it's a futile effort. But the attempt needs to be made anyway. For one thing, it's the right thing to do. For another thing, whatever excuse is made to prevent prosecuting the Pope for his role in the cover-up, that will expose a deep hypocrisy and a shocking injustice for all the world to see. It will force the ICC and/or the gov't of the UK to in essence say, "We don't prosecute the Pope, ever." If you can force them to come right out and say that, that's a victory for secularism -- after all, you can't have a public debate to change that which hasn't even been revealed. Dawkins' and Hitchens' effort may not succeed in bringing the Pope to justice, but it will allow a public conversation to take place that was impossible before.


  1. It's a good point, James. The simple fact is that if the Pope or any other clergy has done something illegal, we all need to be prepared to pursue that like any other crime. The case brings out the deep seated affection and awe for religion that people have--and hopefully this publicity will expose the dangers. But I suspect that if Dawkins or Hitchens succeeded in getting the Pope arrested, they be murdered very shortly thereafter. We have to be careful what we wish for. Thanks for you inputs on my blog.

    Matt McCormick

  2. He is the current serving head of state of a soverign nation. He can't be arrested.

  3. Is he? The Vatican doesn't have seat at the UN, and they disclaim "State" status on quite a number of issues. It seems they want all of the rights of a State but none of the duties or responsibilities.

    In any case, personal commentary aside, the situation is not so simple: