Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Why they'll get away with it

Mark Morford writes (emphasis mine):

Perhaps, then, the only thing that can truly change the church is the revulsion and outcry of its millions of followers, demanding change, revolution, upheaval. And millions of Catholics worldwide appear to be demanding just that; the Vatican is under unprecedented pressure to make amends, modify its repellant ways, maybe usher in a true reformist pope in the wake of one of the ugliest "holy" leaders in recent history.

The word I put in boldface is why the Catholic church will eventually be able to shrug this off as if nothing happened. Even if 11 million Catholics angrily demand reform, that will mean 99% of them are happy to keep on paying tithes to child rapists and their protectors.

Even if we are wildly optimistic and hope that this scandal will bring about the effective death of Catholicism in the United States and Europe, this hateful villainous institution will certainly retain its grip on Central and South America, where they may actually have some success convincing people that the problem is homosexuality rather than child rape. And while currently only about 1/8th of the total number of Catholics in the world hail from Africa, this monstrosity is making rapid inroads there by infiltrating their self-destructive dogma on the backs of supposed humanitarian programs.

No, Catholicism is not in danger. As Morford observes, millions of Catholics are voicing their outrage... but who fucking cares? It will only be when hundreds of millions of Catholics are sick of being told right and wrong by self-serving sadists that there will be any chance of meaningful reform.

The best we can realistically hope for is to reduce the influence of the Vatican over Western politics. That's it, really. This beast cannot be killed, but at least maybe we can protect our own children from it's claws, even as we watch helplessly as this abomination claims countless new victims in the developing world.


  1. I mark you correct on all points, sir. What catholicism really needs is another protestant revolution. But even that, as history has shown, will not likely dislodge this entrenched institution that's been exploiting people for a millennia and a half. Quite frankly, it’s too lucrative a business.

    The best hope that we have in releasing the vatican’s influence on Western politics is for said “state” to be ignored by other legitimate states. As we see, however, the pope continues to be welcomed as a state leader.

    My personal hope is that the vatican’s antiquated views and policies will eventually (read, slowly, unfortunately) cause it to lose status with more progressive nations. Of course, our own country is lately losing points in the progressive arena… And as you say, their foothold is strong in much of the developing world. Pfft… Real change is far off. Not in my short lifetime, I fear.

    On a related sidenote, particularly as regards the recent uptick in abuse allegations; check out the age of consent for the vatican state. Absolutely appalling, but no surprise at all… Ranks proudly below most of the world.

  2. Wow, that's a fascinating webpage. I guess I never really thought about the fact that nations might have a different age of consent for homosexual relationships. I guess it shouldn't be surprising though.

    And re: the Vatican, yeah, heh... isn't that convenient, eh? :/