Friday, April 2, 2010

Still the most hated group in America

Just found out about the little brouhaha over the Mississippi ACLU dissing the American Humanist Association in regards to a proposed donation to provide an alternative prom for Constance McMillen's school. The ACLU apologized, which is great. But still, is the AHA really up there with the KKK in terms of groups you can't accept donations from? Sheesh...


  1. Unfortunately, the world is just not ready for us. You seen this data, I presume?

    Just generally speaks to the sad state of affairs of all matters of equality really...

  2. Yup, saw that one.

    I don't want to exaggerate things too much... I think in most places in the US, atheists are more hated in theory than in practice. While it happens, particularly in small town America, you don't see a whole lot of explicitly anti-atheist discrimination in the workplace. And the ease of concealing our (lack of) beliefs -- obviously we shouldn't have to, but we have the option -- means that atheists are not particularly disenfranchised on an individual level (even though as a group we have been excluded from the political process almost completely until fairly recently).

    So it's a weird paradox... we are by many measures the most hated minority in America, yet we face very few of the issues other minority groups are forced to confront.

  3. I liked Mike Huckabee's comment about how it's better to be an atheist than lie about faith, because even if you have NO MORAL CENTRE it's better than being a liar.

    If someone tells me that God is the foundation of his morals, I'm running away and not looking back, lest I be turned into a pillar of stupid.