Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Curse of Ken Ham Part Two: The Bride of Mortenson

Normally I don't post anything that merely echoes an entry on PZ's blog (I sincerely doubt there is anybody reading my blog who isn't also reading his) but in honor of my very first pro-Creationist commenter, I'd just like to present this image captured from a talk given by Terry Mortenson at the Creation Museum:

Now, just like the apparent endorsement of Hamite theory in the Creation Museum proper, I am sure Ken Ham had nothing to do with this directly. But nonetheless, he is ultimately responsible for the content presented at his museum, and he ought to be deeply embarrassed by this. Not only does this once again implicitly endorse the racist Hamite theory, but the use of the outdated terms "Negro" and "Mongoloid" are truly cringe-inducing.

I'll reiterate exactly what I said before: Ken Ham is probably not consciously racist. However, he is clearly ignorant and intellectually lazy. He lacks the intellectual curiosity to understand the historical background of the ideas presented in his museum, and the result is major foot-in-mouth moments like these.


  1. Ah, for a moment I was about to forgive him the verbal insults till I realized they didn't write "Caucasoid". Yeah I just saw Ken Ham's interview in Religulous and I was giggling myself silly till I realized people believe this guy.

    Do you know how *embarrassing* it is to be a former creationist?

    1. Well they did write Negro, and not Negroid.
      Or Neanderthaloid lol.

  2. Well, I am a former Mormon... I wasn't a Creationist, because at that time the church (mostly) took an agnostic position on things like the age of the Earth, and discouraged members from speculating (though some did, for sure). But I understand it LD$ Inc. has gotten a lot more Creation-y as the culture wars have ramped up, so if I'd been born ten years later...

  3. I'm confused here. Neanderthals and Homo erectus descended from Noah? Noah must've had some ugly kids.

  4. Whoaah! Just think of the amount of fail right there! My head is about to asplode!

  5. I think sooner or later Ken Hem will be an atheist or his head will explode from the bullshit

  6. hah! You seriously underestimate the ability of the human brain to handle cognitive dissonance. It's a rather useful ability, actually, I shouldn't knock it too much... But it also means that Ham should have no problem continuing with theistic head intact.