Monday, August 17, 2009

Anakin Skywalker is to Orly Taitz as Metachlorians are to Woo

Darth Vader definitely has a better haircut than Orly...

Salon summarizes (and provides unedited audio of) an epic "interview" with birther extraordinaire Orly Taitz in which she recites a litany of insane charges, including:

  • ...that Obama had numerous gay lovers in Trinity church whom he has bumped off
  • ...that Google is part of a massive anti-Orly conspiracy
  • ..that Obama has hundreds of social security numbers

Of course, in one so strong with the woo, it would be shocking if she didn't also share some of the trendy anti-vaccine paranoia. Of course.

Hundreds of servicemen are getting sick from mysterious vaccinations. Taitz wants some answers on why members of the military are required to receive certain vaccinations. "Did you know that there are hundreds of servicemen, that were vaccinated, and have reported serious, severe side effects of vaccination?" I ask her why there are mandatory vaccinations. "I don't know, and we can ask the Department of Defense. There is no reason provided!" Maybe soldiers going into combat may need certain kinds of immunity?

The flu vaccine is contaminated. "There is another concern in regards to vaccinations," says Taitz, "and vaccination against the swine flu." She starts to tell me about contaminated vaccines in the Czech Republic.

It's too bad the interviewer didn't ask her about homeopathy, cold fusion, 9/11, Creationism, Flat-Earth theory, or astrology.

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  1. I wonder if she's met David Icke.

    Somehow I get the feeling that they'd get on like a house on fire.

    Strange though how some people seem to jump on every single conspiracy theory, like they see it as an "all or nothing" deal: "The guvermint/doctors/media/et.c. lied/were wrong about X, so they must be lying/wrong about everything else too!"