Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Baby's first real food


  1. Is this a picture of the baby that your baby ate? cuz that moosh isn't real food lol

  2. heh... I definitely got a chuckle out of that, so don't take my over-serious reply to mean I have no sense of humor, but... yeah, actually, it is real food. It's a mashed up avocado mixed with a little bit of water. You could actually make a passable guacamole out of that with the addition of some lime juice and some seasonings -- albeit it would be a bit thin, and in my opinion guac that isn't chunky is a mortal sin -- but I'm confident it would beat some of the guacamoles I've had in shitty restaurants. :)

    We don't plan on giving our baby any of the jarred baby food, #1 because I'm way too cheap to pay a premium for crappy-tasting mashed up vegetables, and #2 I have some irrational feelings about processed foods that sometimes border on the puritanical. I mean, I get agitated when my wife buys baby-cut carrots or pre-shredded cheese. Seriously.

    I'm not 100% consistent about this. I do eat salty crispy snack foods from time to time, and I rarely make my own tortilla chips because it's kindof a pain in the ass. And there's a bunch of other semi-processed foods I eat too. But still, the idea of actually paying money for a jar of mushy vegetables, when I already own a stove, a pot, and a blender, is revolting to me on a visceral level. heh :D

  3. Awwww, cute!

    We made lots of our own baby food, but some fruits are hard to get a good pureed consistency for... I remember blueberries being tricky. I never understood jarred banana, though. Dude, mash it with a fork!