Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Legislative Prayer: It's all Greek to me

The Rochester Atheism Examiner (that's where I live!) has an article about a law suit in the nearby town of Greece to try and get the town board to stop opening their meetings with a sectarian prayer. Exciting to see this happening right around here!

I've been dragging my feet on joining the group for the Rochester Atheists, but I suppose I ought to. One of the first posts my wife forwarded me from the group kindof turned me off, but everything she's sent me has been interesting since then.

Also, has linked to a couple of the Rochester Atheism Examiner articles by Viktor Nagornyy, and in case they link to this one I want to be able to say that NJNP beat them to it. hehehe...

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  1. I read this post earlier thinking that I recognized Viktor Nagornyy from somewhere... He was in the Tidewater Atheists Meetup group with me before he moved to New York (from Virginia). It's also funny that you mention being turned off by a post from a meetup group because the first post I read by him stirred up a huge fuss for no reason, I won't get into what it was about but silly arguments and posts come up every once in a while but usually the good posts far outweigh the bad. That's been my experience with the my local atheist meetup anyways.