Tuesday, September 8, 2009

1GOD1JESUS puts it better than me

It was funny, I was just saying this weekend to my wife and a friend of ours from out of town that if people want to use the "ineffability" reply to the Argument from Evil, that's fine, but then all the alleged good things God does have to be ineffable too, i.e. if you aren't allowed to blame God for bad shit, then you aren't allowed to thank him for good shit either. For instance, when God helped you win that football game, how do you know it isn't part of His grand plan to eventually make the riches go to your head so you wind up ODing on drugs as punishment for masturbating too much as a teenager? So don't thank Him. His motives are ineffable.

However, 1GOD1JESUS makes a similar point in a much more "articulate" manner:


  1. "... that looks like a cancer spot. Thank you Jesus!"

    And thank you James for posting the video. Hilarious!

  2. Equal parts funny and scary.

    (I'm not praying! Please don't yell at me!)

  3. 1000's of gods, a planet for each of them, 1 Jesus 1 Joseph Smith. Now this religion makes perfect sense!