Thursday, September 24, 2009

I call a truce on faith

But only on real actual faith.

I was reading Jerry Coyne's musings on the Ray Comfort-mangled Origin of Species that is about to hit college campuses, and for about the umpteen-billionth time, I got really annoyed at the whole idea of religious apologetics.

I would be far from the first to point out that this whole NOMA/alternate epistemology business is undermined as soon as you start trying to make "scientific" claims in favor of your idiosyncratic religious beliefs, e.g. Creationism. More than that, the absurdity that comes from trying to make science conform to faith is just so goddamn annoying.

So, I'm calling a truce on faith. On actual NOMA. I'll let it slide from now on, even if it involves truth claims that are clearly false/falsifiable. If you want to say, "I believe in Creationism just cuz," I'm down with that from now on. Sure, all the scientific evidence is against it, but if your position is that you don't care about scientific evidence, well, alright then. Let's "coexist" as the bumper sticker says.

Just spare me these tiresome apologetics. I've taken all I can standz, and I can't standz no more.

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