Tuesday, September 8, 2009

If Obama's health care plan passes, American's will have no choice in healthcare options!

Oh wait, we already don't.

This is such a small nitpick, and its almost vulgar to complain about this when millions of Americans have no coverage at all (or are being denied necessary treatments by their existing insurance) but I have ten minutes to kill so I am going to rant about it anyway.

I'm picking up my prescription from a new pharmacy right now, and there was some confusion about my doc calling in the prescription, etc., so even though it should already have been filled, I'm waiting around doing nothing. No big deal - but why did I switch pharmacies?

I used to pick up my prescription at the pharmacy in the grocery store where I shop. Easy, convenient, and if you phoned it in they gave you a coupon. But my employer's insurance company has a deal with CVS, so they jack the co-pay if I don't get it filled from them.

That's total bullshit. I really liked getting my prescription filled at Wegmans. I could just swing by while I was grocery shopping. If I forgot to call it in, I could just shop while I waited. It was awesome. But since Caremark is a private insurance company that needs to make a profit, they have this deal set up with CVS -- a deal that wouldn't even make sense for a public insurance option.

Consumer choice, my fat American ass...

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