Friday, September 25, 2009

First attempt at homemade baby food = FAIL

So I intend to make most of the baby food we feed our son from fresh local produce. It's not that hard anyway, and baby food made that way actually tastes like something you might actually want to eat.

My first attempt: Major FAIL.

I cut up and steamed some carrots, then blended them with some of the water from steaming them. The blend was probably a little coarse for a six-month-old, but I think that part was actually okay.

I was at work when my wife first tried feeding it to him. His eyes bugged out and he started coughing and spitting it out. She had to scoop it out of his mouth. When I got home, my wife related this story to me and asked me, "Why is it spicy?"

Spicy? Steamed carrots?!

I tasted it myself, and sure enough, it's got a real kick to it. WTF? Well, it turns out I had made a tex-mex rice bowl earlier that evening, and I had used the same knife to cut up some hot peppers... I thought I had washed it off, but apparently not thoroughly enough.

D'oh! Sorry, baby!


  1. Awww..... poor baby :(

    I guess if he had actually eaten it, that would have been one flamin' diaper.

  2. Oh, my gosh, Jay! The poor baby. But I have to admit, I LOL'd at the thought of the look on the baby's face!

  3. The poor little guy! Though, well, I have to laugh a bit as I've had some of the same generic spice-misadventures in baby food making.

    I, eventually, gave up as my daughter would have rather starved than eaten home-made baby-food.

  4. My subsequent attempts have gone over much better. It turns out he absolutely loves papaya (and with the papaya, I don't even have to cook it first). He also seems to rather like this steamed beets/rice cereal concoction that I froze into ice-cube-sized servings the other day.

    So it's gone much better since the carrots incident. On the down side, he does not seem to like carrots at all now. I wonder if he would have disliked them anyway, or if he made a negative association... heh...

  5. I just found your blog, which is why I'm commenting on this post ages after it was written (nice blog, btw). I'm not particularly familiar with children, so you may have outgrown the need for the really mushy baby food anyway, but I really wanted to share this recipe after reading your post.

    It's a soup I've made before that's pretty tasty for adults, and I have a theory that babies would like it too. In case you were interested.

  6. My wife absolutely loves butternut squash soup, so I'll definitely have to try that out! Thanks!

    My son has four teeth now so he is not limited to mushy baby food... but he also has a fondness for squash soup so I'm sure he'd like it as well :)