Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Finally, a piece of Islamic oppression that I can support

I've been tough on Muslims and on Sharia law in particular, but I think Sudan might have an idea here. I mean, maybe it's a little sexist to say so, and maybe even it's an egregious human rights violation, but I have to admit it would be pretty cool if I
Is this the new face of Islam?
was surrounded by attractive women not wearing any pants.

Oh? What's that you say? I've got this all wrong? They actually wanted the women to wear below-ankle-length traditional dresses? D'oh...

To summarize, a group of women in Sudan were arrested earlier this month for wearing pants, because that's like "indecent attire" or something, and while most of the women took a very reasonable plea bargain that only involved them being fined and then brutally flogged ten times in a row, this one troublemaker had to go get a lawyer and stage a defense because she has some crazy ideas about pants being perfectly acceptable attire, and corporal punishment maybe being medieval and barbaric or something.

The Sudanese authorities wanted to make this go away by finding an exemption for her -- she is a UN employee and therefore has immunity -- but this brave woman chose to resign from the UN so that the court case could continue, in the hopes of getting the law changed. She faces 40 lashes if convicted.

I'm not crazy about her comments about how she thinks this isn't consistent with Sharia law (who fucking cares? The whole premise behind Sharia law is absurd, so why not just throw the cancer out with the bathwater, so to speak?) but she is incredibly brave nonetheless and worthy of our respect.

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