Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Get Well Kitty

I'm in the waiting room of Emergency Animal Service right now. Mariah found Stash lying in the office, with poop nearby and more coming out of her, covered with dust and limp. She was almost like dead weight when carrying her and she was drooling. She felt cold and I estimated her pulse was half what it should be. (It's actually less than half - 60 vs. 160 - and she is almost 10 degrees too cold)

They are giving her fluids and have her under a warming blanket to
stabilize her. They are also running some tests. I am probably throwing away money I don't really have to spend...but Stash was my first real pet, and such a special kitty.

I don't think she is going to make it. I don't mean to be pessimistic, but she seemed almost dead. I thought it might be some kind of poison; the vet said that is possible, or maybe acute renal failure. I don't know...

Mariah took Quinn back home while she secures the homefront (we left in rather a hurry) so I am just sitting here waiting for results.

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