Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The PZ Effect (He's no Slashdot...)

It turns out that a friend of mine whose blog I have in my blogroll is really obsessive about tracking his server usage, and when I started to get Pharyngulian hits the other day it manifested itself by a huge spike in fetches of his favicon. This gives us an indirect way of tracking hits to my blog. The chart below shows the approximate magnitude and duration of a PZ Ninja Horde. I have annotated it with significant events that affected the traffic.

(click for larger image)

Unfortunately, I was not able to track the difference between being the top post on Pharyngula vs. just on the main page, because PZ posted again ten minutes after the original post, and the granularity of this chart is one hour.


  1. Turns out you're no PZ, either. Total number of visits my blog has received from your blog since you posted this entry: exactly 1.

    I'd post a similar chart, but it'd just look like a big ol' middle finger.

  2. Are you able to check the IP? If so, e-mail it to me. I am pretty sure I visited your blog by clicking on the link in my blogroll at least once in the past week, so that lone visitor might actually have been me...

    Actually, no need to e-mail the IP, if it started with 13.*.*.*, it was probably me.