Monday, July 27, 2009

Joel Grus on apatheism

Joel Grus summarizes the contents of his book in the video below. My favorite quote:

Apatheism is the idea that it doesn't matter whether there's a God or not. And I say to you that whether or not there's an angry man in the sky who wants to torture you forever after you die if you don't believe in him, is THE most important question there is, and you should thank me for bringing it up.


Your Religion Is False from Jeriaska on Vimeo.

He does 80 slides in about 17 minutes, so the pacing is, uh, a little off-putting at first. But once he starts rolling with the individual religions, it develops a nice rhythm.

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  1. I was only given 15 minutes, so I actually ran over by a bit.

    Also, the first draft of the presentation had over 100 slides, but I decided that would have been too many.

    Also also, I never miss an opportunity to plug my book, which has a very similar outline but more detail and different jokes.