Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Internet Explorer Epic Fail

Oh shit, I just discovered that all of my custom Javascript has been failing in IE, which caused the "Continue reading..." link at the bottom of longer posts to get omitted entirely. It may also be breaking comments in IE as well.

Fucking Internet Explorer... WTF... Anyway, the blog may be unstable for the next little while as I try to fix this. Goddamn it..

Update: It works in IE8, but not in any version before that. It also seems to fail in versions of Opera prior to 9.8. So it looks like some of the Javascript I used is fairly new. (Although, it works fine in both Firefox 0.9.3 and Chrome -- even though Firefox 2 came out around the same time as IE7. Just sayin'.)

I'm thinking it should be possible to either a) detect whether it's going to work or b) failing that, detect the most common too-old browsers1, and insert a fallback. The fallback in this case would likely be that every single post will have a "Continue reading..." link, regardless of whether there is anything below the fold or not. Boo, hiss!

1I adamantly refuse to detect browsers I know are compatible, and then use the fallback if the browser is unrecognized. I have an ideological problem with this. If the website doesn't recognize the browser, it should (maybe) warn the user, and then chuck the HTML at 'em anyway. If it works, great. If it doesn't, use a different browser.


  1. IE is awful for bugs like that. My condolences. I've been using IE 7.0 visiting your site, I've probably been missing more of your classsic humor.

    Just flipped on Mozilla so I can see the rest of your posts in full. Fraking Microsoft.

  2. It should work now in IE (I was able to test IE6 last night), but of course now I find out that it all falls apart in RSS. Web design is hard!

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