Monday, July 20, 2009

I dream of suing genie

"Does anybody know a good lawyer?"
This time, the comedy troupe known as "Shariah law" have really outdone themselves. I mean, what could possibly be more hilarious than lopping off people's limbs in front of hundreds of women and children? (It's funny because it's brutal)

CNN reports that a Shariah court in Saudi Arabia is hearing a lawsuit by a family that wants to sue the genie that is haunting their house. Oooookaaaay.....

Says CNN:

In Islamic cultures, a belief in genies, or jinns, is common.

Oh, well then! That makes it all okay. As long as the entire culture is fucking insane, there's no reason to complain I guess. Since a belief in astrology is common in our culture, I look forward to suing the planets for not aligning properly.

Via Ed Brayton.

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