Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I guess the Birthers were right all along

Ah hah, here is the proof that Obama is not an American citizen after all!

On a side note, take a gander at the ad for Carnation infant formula a couple inches up from the Obama birth announcement. Oy... "The milk every doctor knows -- because who can tell what that stuff is coming out of your boobs, lady! I sure can't, and I'm a doctor!"


  1. Well, that settles that! Bummer. Well, I guess Biden gets to drive for awhile.

  2. Well, I just think his parents were SO smart. Most of us have no idea what political leanings our kids will have till they are adults. Obama's parents knew he was a Socialist when he was born. Now I feel really dumb that my kids' birth announcements only announce their sex, not their political leaning.