Saturday, July 18, 2009

ZOMGitsCriss tells it like it is

From the only atheist who is almost as sexy as my wife comes a heartfelt and heartbreaking rant about the Argument from Personal Experience. I thought it was worth posting because of it's relevance to a heavily-commented recent post of mine.

Via Lynna via a comment on PZ's.


  1. I soooo agree. When Serena Williams won the Australian Open a few years ago she thanked god for helping her and I thought, yeah right, millions of kids are dying of malaria all over the world and god's helping YOU win a TENNIS MATCH?? The self absorbtion and stupidity of it are unfathomable.

  2. Very well said! And on a completely unrelated note... in addition to being smart and thoughtful, she is not too hard on the eyes.

  3. Yes, and the same goes for my mother's favorite phrase: "Everything happens for a reason." I HATE that phrase, because it implies that her god wants let little children be raped to death as sex slaves in Cambodia, to have children soldiers in Sudan maim and murder each other, to cause innocent children to grow up in poverty and have no chance of escape. And she loves and worships that god.

  4. my very dear friend The Ayodhya sent me to this site. we have these type of discussions all the wondrous time because he is an atheist and i am a theist. this of course baffles him because in his estimation, a [relatively i supposes] bright being such as myself should be able to [by now] get out of religion. still here i am.

    i will agree that the one-on-one proposition of God is quite hilarious to some. me telling you that God exists because i "feel" Him every day may be seen as concern for my mental health. but i only say that. i can only say that after all this time, i can safely say that I know that God exists NOT because my life is a trip down a yellow brick road but perhaps because even though it hasn't been kosher most times, i have this peace that [to quote the Bible] passes all understanding.

    of course, i could be a cylon and thus knowing full well that "all this has happened before" affords me the ability to NOT rile up myself at life's circumstance[s].

    and i will say this - if anybody should be an atheist, it should be me and my family. i grew up with mom and grandma and my uncle heavily involved in church; i've seen hypocrisy in church goers; i've sat down and tried to rationalise certain logics to some [or no] avail... my friend Ayo knows my story so trust.... i should [and my mom too] just give up on all of it and move on [up?]. but something keeps drawing me back, not to religion - i find i'm not liking that word - but to a deep faith that God is still in charge of the affairs of my life because, how/why else i'm i still here [and still going]. God is real. and i could probably explain why there's so much crap in the world but [iChuckle] let's face it, it too would be dismissed. Have a good one

  5. Not sure there's much to say to this... Note that whether or not religion allows a person to "have this peace that...passes all understanding" is a separate question from the truth or falsity of it.

    Also, while I don't begrudge you the choice to embrace personal experience as truth, going from there to the bald assertion that "God is real" is mighty fishy. I suppose there I things I believe/experience which I embrace regardless of any objective evaluation, e.g. my love for my family, etc. But it would seem weird to me if I tried to assert the "reality" of these experiences. They are just experiences and emotions. Their real in the trivial sense that I am experiencing them, but there's clearly no external referent, i.e. there is no object I can hold in my hand and point to it and say, "This is the love I have for my son." By the same token, it's quite a leap from saying that you experience this peace and this acceptance to the assertion that it stems from some real external force called "God".