Friday, July 17, 2009

Pizzas everywhere!

Mariah's 30th birthday party was last Saturday. It was a great time! We had a keg, first time I've ever done that, our patented "booze piñata"1, and six pizzas. We didn't have time to make our own dough, so we cheaped out and used Boboli crusts. Oh, and it was just storebought marinara sauce. But we got all kinds of compliments on them.

My favorite was a six- or seven-pepper pizza (I lost count!) that Mariah dreamed up. Bell peppers, jalapeños, Thai chile peppers, Hungarian peppers, serrano peppers, Fresno peppers, and I think one other type that I didn't recognize. I thought it would be way too spicy, and while it was definitely "hot", it was not at all inedible. Awesome!

We did two pizzas with fig, prosciutto, goat cheese, and blue cheese. This is one of Mariah's favorite flavor combinations: fig combined with bacon or prosciutto, with a strong-flavored cheese. It's just amazing.

Another popular one was spinach, white mushrooms, portabella mushrooms, and onions. We tried a classic Margherita pizza (garlic and olive oil base with sliced tomatoes, fresh mozzerella, and fresh basil) with the added twist of using heirloom tomatoes instead of plum tomatoes. It was tasty, but I think I sliced the tomatoes too thick and they released a lot of water which prevented the crust from cooking up. If I do a Margherita pizza again, I'll probably precook the tomatoes.

I had one leftover crust and a bunch of leftover mushrooms, bell peppers, and prosciutto, so I just through that all together for the last one.

All in all, it was a great, very tasty meal, it fed probably 20 people, and it was pretty cheap all things considered. The biggest expense was the crusts, and if we made our own we could have virtually eliminated that. We will definitely be doing pizza night again!

1Yeah, "booze piñata." This is the third time we've done it. We fill a pinata with the usual candy and confetti and such, but also put in a couple dozen airplane bottles of liquor. It always takes the party to another level after that...

Oh, and sorry there are no pictures. I was too depressed about Stash to really think about that. I think I was a bit of a downer at the party, but hopefully not too awful...


  1. I love the booze pinatas. Everyone else goes for the liquor; I go for the candy. Mmm, cheap ass-taffy.

    The pizzas were great. Don't feel too bad about using Boboli crusts... doing that much pizza dough from scratch would have been frickin' ridiculous in a home kitchen. However, some parts might be streamlinable... hmm.

  2. Mmm, cheap ass-taffy.

    Hrmph. The unfortunate ambiguity of the English language has now forced me to contemplate the concept of "ass-taffy".

    doing that much pizza dough from scratch would have been frickin' ridiculous in a home kitchen.

    Well, I'm pretty sure with my KitchenAid mixer it would not have been too bad to make the dough itself (2 or 3 batches maybe?). Rolling it all out might have sucked though...

    I'm thinking about making a whole bunch of pizza dough some weekend, rolling them out into crusts, and then freezing them... sort of my own personal Boboli.

    If I go through with it, I'll be sure to blog about it!